About Us

Online Asset Development

Seneca Digital is a dedicated team of internet marketing professionals and SEO veterans, working hard to push the boundaries of the industry we love.

The name SENECA is derived from a Native American Indian tribe of warriors, who were known “as keepers of the western wall.” Like them, we are warriors, who go to war for local business owners to win more business and outwork your competitors.

Founded in 2019 By Daniel Connolly out of client demand for specialist digital services in the Irish market.

Daniel has spent years in digital marketing space, with particular skills in Ecommerce and SEO. Seneca Digital is based in Cork City, Ireland. Our handpicked team combines years of expertise in all fields of digital media, allowing us to deliver imaginative, cutting edge solutions for a wide range of clients.

Using next-generation analytics and out-of-the-box thinking, we build and maintain powerful SEO strategies and creative marketing campaigns that engage fully with our clients’ target audience, adding up to better brand awareness, higher conversions, and an increased bottom line. Our bespoke solutions are finely tailored to fit individual requirements, helping our clients to realize their goals, no matter how ambitious their business objectives.

We specialize in dealing with a high ticket -specialist professional service firms.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Our proven, results-driven strategies and next-level customer service have established us as the leading Irish SEO company, as well as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the industry. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re focused on delivering tangible results, day in, day out for local and National Business owners

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