Why Are My Google Reviews Not Publishing?

Why Are My Google Reviews Not Publishing?

Google Reviews

Some Google reviews are not published, which is something that’s really frustrating both for the person publishing them and for the readers waiting to see them. So what’s the problem? 

While there could be many factors at play here, one of which might be your account settings, there is also an issue with how Google handles different languages. We go into more detail on this in our post “My Google Reviews Are Not Published” (linked), but one of the most important points to mention is that Google does not always prefer to publish reviews in certain languages if it deems it unhelpful. In fact, in its official help article Google states that “Google may not publish your review if the content isn’t relevant to the query or the user’s language.”

Our advice on this matter is to make sure that you’re publishing your reviews in a language that Google prefers. If you review a business and type in a non-preferred language, your review might not get published, this is what most Irish business owners need to understand! 

Also, make sure to also check out our other articles on how Google views, i.e. Google listings, local listings in different languages. You can see how Google tends to prefer English for most of its services (since it views it as the global universal language).  You should contact Google’s support team. We hope that helps anyone who is dealing with this problem. Monitoring Reviews: Things To Consider Before You Start

So you’ve set up your Google My Business listing, but wait! There’s more work need to do. As an owner of a local business, you know how important reviews are to you. They’re completely free and they can help build your online presence. But how do you get customers to leave reviews? And how do you know if they are writing the right things about your business? That’s where reviews monitoring comes in! 

  1. Get a Review Tracking Tool

Maybe you’ve been doing this for a while already. Maybe, as a small business owner, you just know how to get your own Google My Business page up and running. Either way, this is the point where review tracking comes in. Review tracking tools are going to help you in this regard. Take a look at reviews.io, for instance. For more help, you can consult Seneca Digital and get the best help!

You can also try out Google My Business Monitor. You can also use on-site review trackers, like the one here, which works for both Google My Business and Yelp listings. Can use this tool with an API so that other apps and software can connect with it effortlessly.

  1. Choose a Review Management Tool

After you’ve covered all of the basics, you need to start looking for a review management app. This app will go beyond just posting reviews and will be able to manage them too, for more, get help from Daniel Connolly, CEO, of Seneca Digital. It has to be able to show you how many are being published (including those that are hidden). As well as all kinds of other data that can help you understand your online presence better.

We recommend using Google My Business Monitor, which is a great review management tool as well as an on-site tracker. 

  1. Get a Review Scheduler

So you’ve set up all the basic tools and you’re ready to go, right? Not so fast. How do you make sure that your customers actually see your reviews? Well, one of the best things that you can do is post reviews on a regular basis. You can schedule these posts with a review scheduler, which will make sure that they get posted at the right times and on the right days.  You can also use a review scheduler with Google My Business Monitor, which has its own calendar that you can use to schedule your reviews.

  1. Track Other Reviews

But wait! What if you need to track more than just those reviews that are posted on your website? Maybe you want to see what other people are posting about you on other websites, like Facebook or Yelp. Well, in that case, we recommend that you at least try out Google Alerts.

  1. Use Social Media

Social media can also be a great way to find customers who have left you reviews, especially if you have a company page on Facebook or a LinkedIn profile. Make sure to regularly post updates about all of your new business ventures there and make sure that you’re posting links to your Google My Business page as well! 

Conclusion- In the end, you need to make sure that you’re using all of these tools together. This way, instead of just managing reviews on Google My Business and a few other sites every now and then, you can get links back to them from all over the Internet so that they’re never lost! Good luck with your review management strategies and happy reviewing! For more help, get in touch with Seneca Digital and get the best help! You can call us at +353216010000 and speak to our experts on Google listings and get the best help! Our email address is, hello@seneca.ie.

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